“I’ve always been fascinated with Michael Jackson’s music and given his cultural impact it is remarkable how little information about his body of work is available…I wanted to help shift the discussion back to what made him famous in the first place, which is his music,” said Joseph Vogel, a doctoral candidate in the University of Rochester’s English Department and author ofMan in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson(Sterling Press, 2011).

“Mr. Joe Vogel has brilliantly cracked the DNA, the code of the work, the artistry of Michael Joseph Jackson. I want to stress the word ‘artistry’ because people have forgotten or never understood that’s what MJ is, that’s what he worked at day and night. This is the book I have been long awaiting – a pointed, intelligent dissection of an epic body of work. Mr. Joe Vogel breaks it down album by album, song by song.” ~Spike Lee

‘Man in the Music’ highlights the creative work of Michael Jackson by former Utahn

Vogel started “Man in the Music” in 2005 when Jackson was on trial.

“My objective (with the book) was to put the focus back on his art, to actually do research and take him seriously as had been done with artists like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and the Beatles,” Vogel added.

Vogel spent more than five years on such a huge undertaking, and “Man in the Music” was halfway finished when Jackson passed.